Prior to the 2022 World Cup, in Qatar where construction projects are progressing in without slowing down, brand new projects are being put into practice with TMS-Q, the brand of TMS in Qatar.

Al Huwailah Towers which is one of these, are located on Corniche Avenue linking West Bay and Doha Port, one of the most crowded places of the region, and; they consist of 2 blocks with total 19 and 13 floors with the basements.

It is quite limited the rough construction erection times of Al Huwailah project and the Watchtowers which is the other Project having an indoor area of approximately 38.000 m2. TMS-Q having a wide range of material inventory for this project and many other similar projects, is offering the most advantageous solutions to its customers in Qatar region, too, as it is in Turkey, by maintaining in the region also leasing activity.

Al Huwailah Towers

In Al Huwailah project, excavation in large area couldn’t be performed due to the intensity of the site. For this reason, in basements, TMS RAM support system has been used for single-sided wall formworks. In columns and walls, Vinc’i 80 panel formworks coming to forefront with its pressure strength of 80 kN/m2, and for slab MK-H Table formwork have been preferred.


RAM frames provide a strong backing when concrete has to be poured against an existing wall or when a single sided formwork is required. The VINC’I and SIMPEX Wall Formwork could also be applied together with the RAM single sided support frames. Walls of up to 3.50 m can be formed with the support frame RAM 300 and walls of up to 10 m can be realized with the support frame RAM 300 and related height extensions.

PrAnd, in rising of the project’s shaft walls, TRK 160 climbing consoles have been preferred.

Vinc’i 80 Shaft Wall and TR-K 160 Climbing Scaffolds


RAM Single Sided Support Frames 


In order to form higher walls, pillars, piers, stair and lift shafts the climbing scaffold TRK 160 or TRK 240 could be safely used together with our formwork systems such as, the VINC’I, SIMPEX, MULTIX, HAND’I MOPA, MATTEX, etc. The formwork could be placed easily on both systems. Both systems bear wind connection, lower level platforms etc.

The TRK 240 system provides extra solution for retracting the formwork with its chart system and lateral and/or vertical fine adjustment is possible with additional accessories.


VINC’I is a steel frame formwork system composed of high strength rectangular tube profiles, which could be easily combined with TAMON 80 panel locks. The steel frame profiles are designed to be able to connect at any point with the other panel. Panel facing is the plastic coated Birch Plywood namely WISA®‐Form Elephant (delivered by UPM), providing higher durabilityand longer life.

Panel widths for walls are 30, 45, 60, 75, 90, 120, 240cm.and for columns 75, 90, 105, 120 cm whereas the heights are chosen as 330, 300, 270, 180, 150 and 120cm.

The panel corners bear solid steel pieces which gives extra stiffness while also delivering strong inserts for levering and lifting holesfor handling. Only the solid corner would double the panel life against similar systems. TAMON formwork lock could be applied to any point on the frame profiles as well as transversals. The conical holes for DW15tie‐rods on panel are so positioned that formwork bears 80 kN/m2 concrete pressure. The formwork system consist of VINC’I panels, Tamon locks, SAH tie‐rods, VINC’I crane hooks, VINC’I type cat‐walk brackets, double push‐pull props and accessories.

Watch Tower

Watchtowers having an octagonal layout in the plan, are 2 numbers in total, in the North and South of the country. And, in this project; TMS Simpex Wall formworks have been preferred. And, in climbing of walls 4,20 m high, it has been used TRK 240 climbing scaffolds.


Watch Tower Plan

Al Darwish Engineering has undertaken construction of the watchtower, whereas, the Al Huwailah Office Towers are being put in practice by Ramco Trading & Contracting W.L.L.

TMS Group, progressing with its objectives without slowing down, is maintaining its existence in significant projects not only in the Middle East but also in every part of the world, including, Europe, as well. It is proud of being the reliable address of construction firms on subject of formwork and scaffolding, by providing to its customers design, calculation reports and technical trainers on site since 45 years, with the R/D center and powerful team it possesses.

Mozoon Tower, Rising With TMS at West Bay – Doha

TMS QATAR through which significant projects managed to bear its signature in a short time, is keeping on to be the solution partner of prestigious projects in the region.

Core walls of high-rise buildings are rising rapidly and safely with TMS Climbex®, the indispensable hydraulic climbing system which can be moved independently from tower crane.

TMS systems are being preferred in many projects from the Gold Line Metro Project taking place among large-scale investments of the Capital City Doha to stadium projects, construction of which is under progress. The Mozoon Tower Project taking place among the said new projects, is located in West Bay,a coastal region wherein high-rise buildings are present intensively. The structure on a land area of 29.375 m2 has a total indoor area of 560.000 m2 with 1.600 numbers of dwellings and commercial spaces in it. The general contractorship of the project drawing the attention of investors due to its project cost of approximately 687 million USD is being undertaken by MZP WLL and ORIENTALS ENTERPRISES WLL.

There are total 4 numbers of core walls present, 2 in each one of Tower C (5 Basement + Ground + 37 Typical Floor) and Tower D (5 Basement + Ground + 45 Typical Floor) which are the tallest ones of the 4 numbers of towers. And, in order to climb the formworks of these walls, Climbex®, Hydraulic Climbing Formwork System which is featured system of TMS Group has been preferred.

For the core walls within the system, it is being used total 312 linear meters of Simpex formwork; 94 numbers of 10 ton capacity and 40 numbers of 6 ton capacity Climbex hydraulic system. By means of TMS hydraulic formwork systems, the wall is being able to climb-up as independent from crane by placing the wall concrete in time intervals of 6 days.



The TMS Selfclimbing System Climbex is a hydromechanically driven lifting appliance. In conjunction with special scaffolds connected to it, it can be used for lifting formwork or other loads, as well as wind protection shield. One of the biggest advantages is the independence of a crane, through the use of hydromechanical components.

There are different climbing units with load carrying capacity of 50 kN, 60 kN and 100 kN.

Further advantages are:

  • The system is guided to the construction during the climbing process.
  • Secured climbing up to a wind speed of about 70 km/h.
  • Big platforms, variably adjustable in it’s size and shape according to the building geometry
  • Arbitrary height of the pouring sections up to 5.5 m.
  • Refinishing of the concrete surfaces can be made easily from the suspended platforms.

Export has been realized to more than 55 countries in a wide range of geography from India to Paraguay in addition to its activities in Qatar and Middle East. And, another product range which the Climbex system is used in, is the Windshield System ensuring a secure working medium in high-rise structures. Our relevant system is being risen securely in two reference projects in the European continent. The Climbex® Windshield System of TMS Formwork, has been preferred also in Citygate Wien (Austria) and another high-rise building project in Germany, too.


The Climbex Windshield and Protection System, is a protective system ensuring the civil works in high-rise buildings to be produced under high security; comprised of rails, horizontal components, floor fittings and surface coating. The Climbex Windshield and Protection System, is used to protect the workers working in high-rise buildings against the risk of wind and falling down, thus, it increases the productivity of work. The whole closed protection system, is moved by moving it from floor to floor by means of tower crane or the TMS hydraulic system designed special to the project.

TMS Qatar, exercising activity as the first foreign investment of TMS Group rendering service for 45 years, has managed to become a significant player of the formwork and scaffolding market in Qatar by clinching its presence in this market through the infrastructure, industrial and high-rise projects which it has taken place in one after the other.

The TMS Group, which has specified that they express themselves much better in projects of higher difficulty level having much more intense technical calculations, is paying special attention, due to such reason, to take place in projects with higher added value which takes the firm always to one step forward.

TMS Formwork and Scaffolding Systems, Has Added a New One to Its Dam Projects

TMS Formwork and Scaffolding Systems which kept itself adapted constantly since the year it was established and acquired a significant place in the global market, has succeeded this time to take place in a dam project in Afghanistan.

The Faizabad Hydraulic Power Plant (HPP), construction of which is under progress in Badahshan region in northeast of the country, is located on the Kokcha River 8 km east of Faizabad province. In the main trunk of the project, total 3 numbers of units take place, each of which having a power generating capacity of 2,54 MW.

Among TMS’s climbing formwork systems, TR-K 240 single-sided type scaffold has been selected as in accordance with the project. The climbing formwork system designed according to the pressure strength required by the project, can work as compatible with the Simpex wall formwork.


In order to form higher walls, pillars, piers, stair and lift shafts the climbing scaffold TRK 160 or TRK 240 could be safely used together with our formwork systems such as, the VINC’I, SIMPEX, MULTIX, HAND’I etc. Both systems bear wind connection, lower level platforms etc. The TRK 240 climbing scaffold system provides extra solution for retracting the formwork with its chart system and lateral and/or vertical fine adjustment is possible with additional accessories.


It is a climbing scaffold system used in structures requiring single-sided formwork. This system consists of MULTIX main items together with specialized accessories for anchoring, vertical and lateral fine adjustment, inclined climbing etc. TRK 250 D system is mainly used on dam projects or on the walls, where heavy concrete pressure exists.

Since, the angle the external concrete surface makes with the vertical plane exhibits changes at some specific points as the dam rises-up, changes special to the project have been made in the design of the TR-K 240 climbing scaffold.

Within such context, a special cap has been developed in order the fixed 90° angle can become adjustable and the TR-K 240 connection of the vertical steel waler element holding the formwork has been transformed into a hinged type by means of this special cap. By this way, any angle variation to occur along the height can be tolerated.

In addition to the wall formworks, the rounded corners present in the water intake structures have been solved by combining the ½ Cirex® Circular column formworks with the Simpex wall formworks.


CIREX is a steel faced circular column formwork system composed of high strength rectangular tube VINC’I 70 profiles, which could be easily combined with panel locks. The steel frame profiles are designed to be able to connect at any point with the other panel, depending on the height of the column and respective concrete pressure the quantity of the locks could be dialed in. The upper and lower flanges are laser cut plates, providing a state of the art surface finish. Panel facing is steel providing higher durability and longer life. CIREX could be easily combined to VINC’I Wall and Column Systems for concreting piers or similar round ended columns. Various diameters and heights and even custom sizes are available for the system.

Faizabad Hydraulic Power Project, is being financed by Germany under scope of “Decentralized Power Supply Through Renewable Energies Programme BMZ200 765 180” and agreement has been accomplished between the Afghanistan Ministry of Energy and Water and FEKA Construction Company for the construction of the project. And, the project consultancy has been undertaken by the firm Fichtner GmbH & Co. rendering project design and consultancy service in much of the world.

Upon completion of the project planned to be commissioned in December 2020, an economic, safe and a clean energy needed by the Faizabad region would be provided. TMS Formwork and Scaffolding, has added in Afghanistan a further new one to the dam projects it has implemented in Algeria jointly with Mapa-Günal.

TMS Group is in 1915 Çanakkale Bridge

With its experience of 45 years the TMS Group; in addition to taking place in large projects celebre in our country and international arena, the TMS Group is now, in the “1915 ÇANAKKALE BRIDGE” Project.

The TMS GROUP companies keeping always customer satisfaction at forefront, keeps on to be preferred trustfully at home and abroad also by the technical support they provide nearby their high-quality products.

The 1915 ÇANAKKALE Bridge: will become world’s “longest” suspended bridge with its central span of 2023 m. On both sides of the bridge there will be walkways available to be used for maintenance purposes. The bridge platform shall have 44,8m width and 3,5m height. The design lifetime of 1915 Çanakkale Bridge will be 100 years.

TFK Formwork Scaffolding Rental

In the project, TFK-Rental which is the domestic rental face of the TMS Group companies: meets the formwork requirement of the Asian caisson.

The systems rented to be used in the fabrication of the Asian caisson, construction of which is undertaken by TEKYOL PLUS YAPI ENDÜSTİRİSİ A.Ş., are briefly as given below:

  • TMS-SIMPEX: Timber beam and steel walers wall formwork,
  • TMS-ROUNDEX: Adjustable circular wall formwork,
  • TMS-VINC’I 80: Modern and innovative panel formwork,
  • TRK 160 and TRK 240: Climbing Scaffold System.


Tower height of 318 m makes the bridge one of the world’s “highest” bridges.

Two numbers of “Caissons” being as Asia and Europe, shall constitute the undersea base of the said towers.

The pier caissons mounted on a foundation with dimensions of 83mx74m and 1m height, consist of cascade concrete walls with chambers.


In majority part of the caisson fabrication it is being used SIMPEX and VINC’I 80 series wall formwork systems.

SIMPEX Wall Formworks: is an adjustable wall formwork system with wide surface comprised of HT20 Timber Beams at vertical and steel braces at horizontal.

The quality of SIMPEX which is its easy adaptability to different heights and sections has ensured it to occupy a privileged place among the systems used by crane. It is possible to design the system according to high concrete pressures and concrete pouring rates by changing the spacing distances of the vertical Timber Beams and YK steel walers. Its shape, size, tie-rod order and surface can flexibly be adapted according to any requirement.

Possibility to select the plywood to be used on the surface according to the project requirement, provides economy and flexibility to the project.


In the circular section the SIMPEX and ROUNDEX systems work as integrated to each other thus they help the fabrication to speed-up and completed in a reliable way.

TMS ROUNDEX is an adjustable curvilinear wall formwork system.

It is possible to obtain limitless adjustable curvilinear surfaces starting from the small radii. It provides the means to change diameter without changing the form panels. In addition to its property of making it simple the adaptation to different diameters in the same project, the forms possessing the means to become adapted easily to future projects, too, provides great advantages.

Its quality of being adaptable to narrowing curtain walls in the circular section, provides to the project the advantage of using economically and reliably.

BTMS Rebar Couplers

As TMS Group, it is being supplied to the project reinforcement jointing couplers with the BTMS firm.

The BTMS/BMS Couplers are being manufactured with the technical capacity and standards to ensure the steel reinforcement to get assembled by maintaining its tension and pressure strength data.

It has been planned to use in the caissons more than 200 thousand numbers of coupler assembling points.

Taking place in such a giant project accommodating worldwide records, is a pride for the TMS Group.

Our Management Board President Kubilay Tüfekçi Has Conducted An Interview with The ‘Yapı Malzeme’ Magazine

“We went through significant phases in terms of international qualifications”

“Our priority as TMS is always to take place in special projects with high added value and requiring technical background. Therefore, projects like industrial, infrastructure or tall structure projects, difficulty level and calculation intensity of which are higher are within our field of interest.”

Doha Gold Line Metro Projesi

The TMS Group manufacturing and selling industrial formwork and scaffolding systems to the construction sector in markets at home and abroad since it was established in 1973, possesses a wide and an innovative product spectrum from climbing formwork celebre in the world- to scaffolding systems in European norm, from modular panels – to heavy load carrier systems. The firm exporting majority of its fabrications by “its approach focused on absolute quality and customer satisfaction” which it never compromised on its services and products since it was founded to date, has turned into a structure today accommodating in its nature multinational firms, too.

In our interview work we have made with the TMS Group Management Board President, Kubilay Tüfekçi, we have talked on what we are curious about this white shoe firm that achieved many numbers of firsts in our country and become the source of inspiration also for its competitors in this sense.

Would you please mention firstly about yourself and the activities of your firm?

TMS is a group of companies, origins of which are dated back to 1973, specialized weightily in construction Formwork and Scaffolding Systems, implementing production also in field of construction Rebar Couplers and Automotive. After completing my education of Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering in Boğaziçi University and Master of Science Degree in Economy, I started to exercise management in various areas since 1991 as the second generation of our family company.

You take place in which projects mostly? What are the reasons of this choice of yours?

Our priority as TMS is always to take place in special projects with high added value and requiring technical background. Therefore, projects like industrial, infrastructure or tall structure projects, difficulty level and calculation intensity of which are higher are within our field of interest. We can express ourselves much better particularly in large scale projects, contracting of which are undertaken by international joint-ventures. And, the projects taking TMS always one step forward have been such projects.

Which were the products and systems coming to forefront for this year in terms of sale?

As TMS we possess a very wide spectrum of products and we can generate solution for almost any project. And, our most significant products for us are our systems we have developed by our own R/D and obtained patent for. And, our system coming to forefront mostly among these is the ClimbeX hydraulic climbing systems we have developed for Tall Structures. Within year 2017, the Emaar Square project has been completed by using our ClimbeX Hydraulic Climbing System and ClimbeX Hydraulic Wind Shield System. Still from among the projects of last year, our project in Marien Insel in Frankfurt, Germany, will reach at its completion phase in 2018. With ClimbeX in Doha, Qatar, also one project named Mozoon Tower project taking place in the West Bay region and another project named Marina Mix project located in Lusail are under erection with our ClimbeX systems. We are about to start a further new project in İzmir recently.

How do you consider the process which the sector is present within?

It seems unavoidable to experience a home market shrinkage particularly in housing sector. The producer companies in the sector would become obliged to go towards exportation and meet their production and income deficits by using also particularly the advantage of exchange rate. Of course, here, it would become very significant particularly to have met a specific quality level and making production in line with the standards. Within such context, it would be very beneficial for TSE to accelerate its works particularly on TS EN 12812-12813 standards determining the norms of Under-Form Supporting Scaffolding.

Furthermore, when you consider especially developed countries in the world, it is possible to say that rental is the future of the Formwork and Scaffolding sector. And, our country, too, is progressing in such direction and the subject of form rental is developing, however, as it is in almost every subject, legislation can’t progress at same speed in developing fields. Unfortunately, it could pose a problem to prove the ownership of the rented product in cases of dispute which could arise particularly between the employer and the contractor and the firms which rented the formwork could experience serious losses. It seems obligatory to make some works on this subject.

Would you have any new investments and projects for the coming period?

In terms of production there will be some new investments of ours on subject of Automotive and Reinforcement Sleeves. As regarding the Formwork Systems, we shall keep on making investment in our rental pool both, in Turkey and in Qatar.

UAE Shopping Mall Project

The uncertainties experienced recently in foreign currency rates of exchange, have they caused any changes in your annual turnover targets?

Although we are an exporter firm, the over fluctuation in the rates of exchange is disturbing us, too. As to raw material, we dependent on importation as it is like many other firms. Particularly, during periods of high fluctuation in rates of exchange, not being able to make the cost analysis properly, causes the firm to become vulnerable also to surprises. While acting by supposing that you are earning money, you can be faced with a net loss, too, while you receive the money. The rate of exchange being stable is always the healthiest way. And, our wish is always towards this.

Could you please mention a few words about your R/D works and in-company trainings?

Our company is the first and single firm officially registered as a R/D center in the sector. There exist in our nature a R/D center of ours where 17 persons work in. We implement here all our technical developments. There is a constant work on the products and practices. Currently, we are at very good levels particularly on subject of Hydraulic Climbing Systems. The systems we reveal by the works implemented completely with our own team, are being preferred in very serious projects in international dimension. Regarding these systems, we are competing with the world’s largest and rooted firms. We have obtained the patents of all the products we have developed. In two projects completed in Europe and in two projects under progress in Qatar, still our said systems are being used.

Çamlıca Emaar Square Project

As your fields of activity, you have mentioned about Rebar Couplers. Could you please describe in a few words your works in this field?

As TMS Group, our principal work is Scaffolding Formwork Systems. In addition to our this principal work, another work of ours is Construction Rebar Couplers. We can define this shortly as technical materials used to join the rebars end-to-end. These are systems used in large scale projects particularly in infrastructure works. On this subject, we have also a partnership in Turkey with a foreign capital company. We have rendered service with rebar couplers to many numbers of bridge projects. We are implementing the production and sale of these systems through our firm named BTMS. We are realizing our sales both, at home and in markets close to Turkey. Our target in this field is: to take place also in Nuclear Projects in the near future with our BTMS firm. We already possess all proper certificates and authorizations required for this.

Your final words?

Our priority as TMS has always been export. In the last 10-12 years, the share of our export within our total revenues has changed between 60% and 90%. And, in the last two years this has been realized as 72%. Of course, the revenues obtained by TMS-Qatar which is in local firm status from now on, from the rentals and sales it has made in the region are not included in our these calculations. Our priority objective for the second half of 2018 and for 2019 will be to increase our effectivity in the foreign markets. TMS-Qatar which is the first foreign investment of TMS Group, has succeeded to become a significant player of the Qatar formwork and scaffolding market by strengthening its presence in this market through the infrastructure, industrial and tall structure projects it has been awarded one after another. In order to write another story similar to this success story, our initiatives in a further second country are about to be completed, I can say that sales have already been made in sizes which could be considered as significant. And, another market we are working on is the Far East, in the first half of 2018 we have made sales which could be considered significant, however, the principal projects which could be of impact are in the bid phase yet, I hope good news come very soon. For the European and American markets, we have been through significant milestones in terms of TMS’s international qualifications and some cooperations are very close to signature phase. I believe that particularly the European leg would make us to gain a very serious acceleration, I think that we can announce this public very soon.

TMS continues to be partner of prestigious projects: Al Zahia City Center Mall, in UAE

When completed, a 136,200 sqm project is going to host 360 stores, six theme parks, leisure facilities and 2,270 homes in Sharjah.

Total cost of the project is around 708 million USD and expected to be completed by 2020.

CCC, one of the biggest contractor companies in Middle East has chosen, again, TMS products in this Project, too. TMS has prepared all kind of structural design projects related with formwork and scaffolding systems and technical supervising on jobsite.

  • Combi foundation formwork
  • Simpex Wall and column formwork
  • MKF Slab formwork
  • Vinc’i 70 column formwork.

International Türkmenbaşı Seaport Project

Turkmenistan’s International Türkmenbaşı Seaport by the seashore of the Caspian Sea is being prepared for becoming one of the rare ports of the world as the biggest one of the region.

Within the scope of the project “Türkmenbaşı Seaport” constructed in Turkmenistan, ferry and passenger terminal, container terminal, general cargo port, bulk cargo port, and ship building and repair facility are built and Ro-Ro and polypropylene terminal is expanded.

The total length of the dock will be 3.600 meters and the total length of the train lines will be 5,300 meters, with a closed area of 133.830 sqm in total.

The most detailed architectural feature and beauty of the project: Port Project Watchtower

The Watchtower in the Project has a complicated geometry in terms of architecture; solution has been realized with 3D formwork design. Our TMS design group prepared 3D formwork models and application drawings in a short time. Thanks to TMS’ supervisor support provided at the job site that has continued until the first concrete pouring from starting formwork installation.

The systems used in the project are:

  • SIMPEX Wall and Column Formwork
  • ROUNDEX Circular Wall Formwork
  • MKH Table Scaffolding
  • TR-K 160 Climbing Scaffolding
  • TR-K 240 Climbing Scaffolding with push/pull system
  • Adjustable Shaft Platform Beam
  • Stair Tower

TMS Systems At International Financial Center Project In Istanbul

As TMS, we have been working with a dedicated and innovative philosophy to develop our systems  and present the most economical and optimal solutions to our customers since 1973. At the end of this effort, as formwork and scaffolding designer and producer, TMS has been the solution partner of highlighted projects in international area.

By taking the courage from our references, on behalf of our country, we are proud of what we have done before and we underline that, our previous works are the guarantee of what we will do in the future.

General informations about the project:

  • Proje Tipi : Office Tower
  • Location : Umraniye – Istanbul
  • Investor: Halk Real Estate Investment Trust (Halk GYO)
  • Subcontractor : ÖMSA
  • Materials to be used: TMS Formwork and Scaffolding Systems

The HALK GYO Office Building, which is one of the biggest stakeholders of the Istanbul International Finance Center is underconstruction with the coordination of the Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning. The project consists of two buildings, 46 and 34 floors. Ömsa Yapı is the subcontractor of the building with 34 floors.

The Systems for 34 storey building, supplied by TMS:

Simpex Wall and Column Formwork


Vinc’i 80 Column Formwork


Cirex Circular Column Formwork


TRK 160-240 Climbing Scaffold


MK-H 150 Table Scaffold

TMS CLIMBEX® Hydraulic Climbing System is Rising in Qatar Hub

All the formwork and scaffolding needs of the Marina Mix 011 Hotel & Residences project will be covered by TMS Engineering and TMS Qatar. Project contractors Hill International and Bandary Engineering used their preferences in the direction of TMS, the leading company in the formwork and scaffolding industry.

TMS has signed many projects both in Turkey and abroad with its CLIMBEX® HYDRAULIC CLIMBING SYSTEM developed by using advanced technology and researches in its modern facilities in Izmit and Kastamonu. Some of those projects are: Emaar Sqaure, Ant Yapı Sky Towers, Samsung Co Al Rajhi Bank HQ, Azenco Azerbaijan, Atasehir Mimar Sinan Mosque, Baytur Arabia.

TMS Qatar bases were established in 2015 and till now, it has achieved numerous successes with prestigious projects. Beside this, Marina Mix 011 Project has the importance of being the first project that hydraulic climbing system is used in Qatar.

Project Notes:

The project will be built on a plot of 14,000 sqm with a total area of approximately 100.000 sqm. The tower part in this project has 750 sqm floor and has 37 storeys. Each climbing formwork modul has 4 m height and can becompleted only in 20 minutes, and the whole climbing takes place in less than 1 day.

The systems used in the project are:

  • TMS CLIMBEX® Hydraulic Climbing System
  • Simpex Wall Formwork