Our Management Board President Kubilay Tüfekçi Has Conducted An Interview with The ‘Yapı Malzeme’ Magazine

“We went through significant phases in terms of international qualifications”

“Our priority as TMS is always to take place in special projects with high added value and requiring technical background. Therefore, projects like industrial, infrastructure or tall structure projects, difficulty level and calculation intensity of which are higher are within our field of interest.”

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The TMS Group manufacturing and selling industrial formwork and scaffolding systems to the construction sector in markets at home and abroad since it was established in 1973, possesses a wide and an innovative product spectrum from climbing formwork celebre in the world- to scaffolding systems in European norm, from modular panels – to heavy load carrier systems. The firm exporting majority of its fabrications by “its approach focused on absolute quality and customer satisfaction” which it never compromised on its services and products since it was founded to date, has turned into a structure today accommodating in its nature multinational firms, too.

In our interview work we have made with the TMS Group Management Board President, Kubilay Tüfekçi, we have talked on what we are curious about this white shoe firm that achieved many numbers of firsts in our country and become the source of inspiration also for its competitors in this sense.

Would you please mention firstly about yourself and the activities of your firm?

TMS is a group of companies, origins of which are dated back to 1973, specialized weightily in construction Formwork and Scaffolding Systems, implementing production also in field of construction Rebar Couplers and Automotive. After completing my education of Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering in Boğaziçi University and Master of Science Degree in Economy, I started to exercise management in various areas since 1991 as the second generation of our family company.

You take place in which projects mostly? What are the reasons of this choice of yours?

Our priority as TMS is always to take place in special projects with high added value and requiring technical background. Therefore, projects like industrial, infrastructure or tall structure projects, difficulty level and calculation intensity of which are higher are within our field of interest. We can express ourselves much better particularly in large scale projects, contracting of which are undertaken by international joint-ventures. And, the projects taking TMS always one step forward have been such projects.

Which were the products and systems coming to forefront for this year in terms of sale?

As TMS we possess a very wide spectrum of products and we can generate solution for almost any project. And, our most significant products for us are our systems we have developed by our own R/D and obtained patent for. And, our system coming to forefront mostly among these is the ClimbeX hydraulic climbing systems we have developed for Tall Structures. Within year 2017, the Emaar Square project has been completed by using our ClimbeX Hydraulic Climbing System and ClimbeX Hydraulic Wind Shield System. Still from among the projects of last year, our project in Marien Insel in Frankfurt, Germany, will reach at its completion phase in 2018. With ClimbeX in Doha, Qatar, also one project named Mozoon Tower project taking place in the West Bay region and another project named Marina Mix project located in Lusail are under erection with our ClimbeX systems. We are about to start a further new project in İzmir recently.

How do you consider the process which the sector is present within?

It seems unavoidable to experience a home market shrinkage particularly in housing sector. The producer companies in the sector would become obliged to go towards exportation and meet their production and income deficits by using also particularly the advantage of exchange rate. Of course, here, it would become very significant particularly to have met a specific quality level and making production in line with the standards. Within such context, it would be very beneficial for TSE to accelerate its works particularly on TS EN 12812-12813 standards determining the norms of Under-Form Supporting Scaffolding.

Furthermore, when you consider especially developed countries in the world, it is possible to say that rental is the future of the Formwork and Scaffolding sector. And, our country, too, is progressing in such direction and the subject of form rental is developing, however, as it is in almost every subject, legislation can’t progress at same speed in developing fields. Unfortunately, it could pose a problem to prove the ownership of the rented product in cases of dispute which could arise particularly between the employer and the contractor and the firms which rented the formwork could experience serious losses. It seems obligatory to make some works on this subject.

Would you have any new investments and projects for the coming period?

In terms of production there will be some new investments of ours on subject of Automotive and Reinforcement Sleeves. As regarding the Formwork Systems, we shall keep on making investment in our rental pool both, in Turkey and in Qatar.

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The uncertainties experienced recently in foreign currency rates of exchange, have they caused any changes in your annual turnover targets?

Although we are an exporter firm, the over fluctuation in the rates of exchange is disturbing us, too. As to raw material, we dependent on importation as it is like many other firms. Particularly, during periods of high fluctuation in rates of exchange, not being able to make the cost analysis properly, causes the firm to become vulnerable also to surprises. While acting by supposing that you are earning money, you can be faced with a net loss, too, while you receive the money. The rate of exchange being stable is always the healthiest way. And, our wish is always towards this.

Could you please mention a few words about your R/D works and in-company trainings?

Our company is the first and single firm officially registered as a R/D center in the sector. There exist in our nature a R/D center of ours where 17 persons work in. We implement here all our technical developments. There is a constant work on the products and practices. Currently, we are at very good levels particularly on subject of Hydraulic Climbing Systems. The systems we reveal by the works implemented completely with our own team, are being preferred in very serious projects in international dimension. Regarding these systems, we are competing with the world’s largest and rooted firms. We have obtained the patents of all the products we have developed. In two projects completed in Europe and in two projects under progress in Qatar, still our said systems are being used.

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As your fields of activity, you have mentioned about Rebar Couplers. Could you please describe in a few words your works in this field?

As TMS Group, our principal work is Scaffolding Formwork Systems. In addition to our this principal work, another work of ours is Construction Rebar Couplers. We can define this shortly as technical materials used to join the rebars end-to-end. These are systems used in large scale projects particularly in infrastructure works. On this subject, we have also a partnership in Turkey with a foreign capital company. We have rendered service with rebar couplers to many numbers of bridge projects. We are implementing the production and sale of these systems through our firm named BTMS. We are realizing our sales both, at home and in markets close to Turkey. Our target in this field is: to take place also in Nuclear Projects in the near future with our BTMS firm. We already possess all proper certificates and authorizations required for this.

Your final words?

Our priority as TMS has always been export. In the last 10-12 years, the share of our export within our total revenues has changed between 60% and 90%. And, in the last two years this has been realized as 72%. Of course, the revenues obtained by TMS-Qatar which is in local firm status from now on, from the rentals and sales it has made in the region are not included in our these calculations. Our priority objective for the second half of 2018 and for 2019 will be to increase our effectivity in the foreign markets. TMS-Qatar which is the first foreign investment of TMS Group, has succeeded to become a significant player of the Qatar formwork and scaffolding market by strengthening its presence in this market through the infrastructure, industrial and tall structure projects it has been awarded one after another. In order to write another story similar to this success story, our initiatives in a further second country are about to be completed, I can say that sales have already been made in sizes which could be considered as significant. And, another market we are working on is the Far East, in the first half of 2018 we have made sales which could be considered significant, however, the principal projects which could be of impact are in the bid phase yet, I hope good news come very soon. For the European and American markets, we have been through significant milestones in terms of TMS’s international qualifications and some cooperations are very close to signature phase. I believe that particularly the European leg would make us to gain a very serious acceleration, I think that we can announce this public very soon.