TMS CLIMBEX® Hydraulic Climbing System is Rising in Qatar Hub

All the formwork and scaffolding needs of the Marina Mix 011 Hotel & Residences project will be covered by TMS Engineering and TMS Qatar. Project contractors Hill International and Bandary Engineering used their preferences in the direction of TMS, the leading company in the formwork and scaffolding industry.

TMS has signed many projects both in Turkey and abroad with its CLIMBEX® HYDRAULIC CLIMBING SYSTEM developed by using advanced technology and researches in its modern facilities in Izmit and Kastamonu. Some of those projects are: Emaar Sqaure, Ant Yapı Sky Towers, Samsung Co Al Rajhi Bank HQ, Azenco Azerbaijan, Atasehir Mimar Sinan Mosque, Baytur Arabia.

TMS Qatar bases were established in 2015 and till now, it has achieved numerous successes with prestigious projects. Beside this, Marina Mix 011 Project has the importance of being the first project that hydraulic climbing system is used in Qatar.

Project Notes:

The project will be built on a plot of 14,000 sqm with a total area of approximately 100.000 sqm. The tower part in this project has 750 sqm floor and has 37 storeys. Each climbing formwork modul has 4 m height and can becompleted only in 20 minutes, and the whole climbing takes place in less than 1 day.

The systems used in the project are:

  • TMS CLIMBEX® Hydraulic Climbing System
  • Simpex Wall Formwork