Prior to the 2022 World Cup, in Qatar where construction projects are progressing in without slowing down, brand new projects are being put into practice with TMS-Q, the brand of TMS in Qatar.

Al Huwailah Towers which is one of these, are located on Corniche Avenue linking West Bay and Doha Port, one of the most crowded places of the region, and; they consist of 2 blocks with total 19 and 13 floors with the basements.

It is quite limited the rough construction erection times of Al Huwailah project and the Watchtowers which is the other Project having an indoor area of approximately 38.000 m2. TMS-Q having a wide range of material inventory for this project and many other similar projects, is offering the most advantageous solutions to its customers in Qatar region, too, as it is in Turkey, by maintaining in the region also leasing activity.

Al Huwailah Towers

In Al Huwailah project, excavation in large area couldn’t be performed due to the intensity of the site. For this reason, in basements, TMS RAM support system has been used for single-sided wall formworks. In columns and walls, Vinc’i 80 panel formworks coming to forefront with its pressure strength of 80 kN/m2, and for slab MK-H Table formwork have been preferred.


RAM frames provide a strong backing when concrete has to be poured against an existing wall or when a single sided formwork is required. The VINC’I and SIMPEX Wall Formwork could also be applied together with the RAM single sided support frames. Walls of up to 3.50 m can be formed with the support frame RAM 300 and walls of up to 10 m can be realized with the support frame RAM 300 and related height extensions.

PrAnd, in rising of the project’s shaft walls, TRK 160 climbing consoles have been preferred.

Vinc’i 80 Shaft Wall and TR-K 160 Climbing Scaffolds


RAM Single Sided Support Frames 


In order to form higher walls, pillars, piers, stair and lift shafts the climbing scaffold TRK 160 or TRK 240 could be safely used together with our formwork systems such as, the VINC’I, SIMPEX, MULTIX, HAND’I MOPA, MATTEX, etc. The formwork could be placed easily on both systems. Both systems bear wind connection, lower level platforms etc.

The TRK 240 system provides extra solution for retracting the formwork with its chart system and lateral and/or vertical fine adjustment is possible with additional accessories.


VINC’I is a steel frame formwork system composed of high strength rectangular tube profiles, which could be easily combined with TAMON 80 panel locks. The steel frame profiles are designed to be able to connect at any point with the other panel. Panel facing is the plastic coated Birch Plywood namely WISA®‐Form Elephant (delivered by UPM), providing higher durabilityand longer life.

Panel widths for walls are 30, 45, 60, 75, 90, 120, 240cm.and for columns 75, 90, 105, 120 cm whereas the heights are chosen as 330, 300, 270, 180, 150 and 120cm.

The panel corners bear solid steel pieces which gives extra stiffness while also delivering strong inserts for levering and lifting holesfor handling. Only the solid corner would double the panel life against similar systems. TAMON formwork lock could be applied to any point on the frame profiles as well as transversals. The conical holes for DW15tie‐rods on panel are so positioned that formwork bears 80 kN/m2 concrete pressure. The formwork system consist of VINC’I panels, Tamon locks, SAH tie‐rods, VINC’I crane hooks, VINC’I type cat‐walk brackets, double push‐pull props and accessories.

Watch Tower

Watchtowers having an octagonal layout in the plan, are 2 numbers in total, in the North and South of the country. And, in this project; TMS Simpex Wall formworks have been preferred. And, in climbing of walls 4,20 m high, it has been used TRK 240 climbing scaffolds.


Watch Tower Plan

Al Darwish Engineering has undertaken construction of the watchtower, whereas, the Al Huwailah Office Towers are being put in practice by Ramco Trading & Contracting W.L.L.

TMS Group, progressing with its objectives without slowing down, is maintaining its existence in significant projects not only in the Middle East but also in every part of the world, including, Europe, as well. It is proud of being the reliable address of construction firms on subject of formwork and scaffolding, by providing to its customers design, calculation reports and technical trainers on site since 45 years, with the R/D center and powerful team it possesses.