Mozoon Tower, Rising With TMS at West Bay – Doha

TMS QATAR through which significant projects managed to bear its signature in a short time, is keeping on to be the solution partner of prestigious projects in the region.

Core walls of high-rise buildings are rising rapidly and safely with TMS Climbex®, the indispensable hydraulic climbing system which can be moved independently from tower crane.

TMS systems are being preferred in many projects from the Gold Line Metro Project taking place among large-scale investments of the Capital City Doha to stadium projects, construction of which is under progress. The Mozoon Tower Project taking place among the said new projects, is located in West Bay,a coastal region wherein high-rise buildings are present intensively. The structure on a land area of 29.375 m2 has a total indoor area of 560.000 m2 with 1.600 numbers of dwellings and commercial spaces in it. The general contractorship of the project drawing the attention of investors due to its project cost of approximately 687 million USD is being undertaken by MZP WLL and ORIENTALS ENTERPRISES WLL.

There are total 4 numbers of core walls present, 2 in each one of Tower C (5 Basement + Ground + 37 Typical Floor) and Tower D (5 Basement + Ground + 45 Typical Floor) which are the tallest ones of the 4 numbers of towers. And, in order to climb the formworks of these walls, Climbex®, Hydraulic Climbing Formwork System which is featured system of TMS Group has been preferred.

For the core walls within the system, it is being used total 312 linear meters of Simpex formwork; 94 numbers of 10 ton capacity and 40 numbers of 6 ton capacity Climbex hydraulic system. By means of TMS hydraulic formwork systems, the wall is being able to climb-up as independent from crane by placing the wall concrete in time intervals of 6 days.



The TMS Selfclimbing System Climbex is a hydromechanically driven lifting appliance. In conjunction with special scaffolds connected to it, it can be used for lifting formwork or other loads, as well as wind protection shield. One of the biggest advantages is the independence of a crane, through the use of hydromechanical components.

There are different climbing units with load carrying capacity of 50 kN, 60 kN and 100 kN.

Further advantages are:

  • The system is guided to the construction during the climbing process.
  • Secured climbing up to a wind speed of about 70 km/h.
  • Big platforms, variably adjustable in it’s size and shape according to the building geometry
  • Arbitrary height of the pouring sections up to 5.5 m.
  • Refinishing of the concrete surfaces can be made easily from the suspended platforms.

Export has been realized to more than 55 countries in a wide range of geography from India to Paraguay in addition to its activities in Qatar and Middle East. And, another product range which the Climbex system is used in, is the Windshield System ensuring a secure working medium in high-rise structures. Our relevant system is being risen securely in two reference projects in the European continent. The Climbex® Windshield System of TMS Formwork, has been preferred also in Citygate Wien (Austria) and another high-rise building project in Germany, too.


The Climbex Windshield and Protection System, is a protective system ensuring the civil works in high-rise buildings to be produced under high security; comprised of rails, horizontal components, floor fittings and surface coating. The Climbex Windshield and Protection System, is used to protect the workers working in high-rise buildings against the risk of wind and falling down, thus, it increases the productivity of work. The whole closed protection system, is moved by moving it from floor to floor by means of tower crane or the TMS hydraulic system designed special to the project.

TMS Qatar, exercising activity as the first foreign investment of TMS Group rendering service for 45 years, has managed to become a significant player of the formwork and scaffolding market in Qatar by clinching its presence in this market through the infrastructure, industrial and high-rise projects which it has taken place in one after the other.

The TMS Group, which has specified that they express themselves much better in projects of higher difficulty level having much more intense technical calculations, is paying special attention, due to such reason, to take place in projects with higher added value which takes the firm always to one step forward.