An innovated system for shoring, which is independent of the project type, cost effective for a very wide range of engineering applications, at all heights. Very few and compact parts makes it very easy to erect and transport. The DEV-Shore system can be used for;

Single Prop,

  • Deck-Tables,
  • Shoring Towers at different configurations,
  • Heavy Duty solutions for concentrated loads;
  • 3-dimensional flexibility at shoring;

Means: one system like a KIT for all types of shoring!
instead of 4 to 5 different systems as usual, high versatility brings higher usability!

  • The heaviest part of the system weighs less than 12 kg, so the assembling and handling of the system parts are possible without using the crane.
  • The horizontal ledger is only necessary every 2 m’s since the section of the vertical legs are 60.3 mm tubes in special steel.
  • This also means a free walking space is possible between the platform levels, providing fast and safe erection.
  • Since the distance of the verticals could be directly adjusted according to load taken, = saving a lot of material, time and labor cost.