TMS KAM’A flanged type (ring lock) scaffolding & shoring systems are built to be one of the most reliable and efficient scaffolding systems by complying with BS EN 12810 & BS EN 12811, 12812 & 12813 codes.

Safe and convenient, our KAM’A System includes multiple standards, ledgers, bracings, spindles, toe boards, clamps, guardrails, con-nectors, platforms and stairs.

Facade scaffolding design meets the load class 4 which is equal to a uniform distributed load of 3.00KN/m². Assembly height is 24.5m for the standard model which has the TSE certificate to be used without additional calculations.

Mobile scaffolding and platforms may also be assembled from KAM’A elements.
KAM’A 73/105 system is very flexible as it has standards (scaffold legs) with 5 different lengths varying from 1m to 3m. Cantilever platforms may be used to increase the width in order to accommodate special type of applications.

KAM’A scaffolding is suitable for long time usage as all of the steel parts are either hot-dip galvanized and all the timber elements are insulated from severe weather conditions.

Many accessories and parts of KAM’A System is compatible with other types of scaffolding systems & elements within the TMS product range.