The MOPA modular panel formwork is a crane set modular panel formwork system for use in civil engineering projects having a wide range of applicability in constructing of industrial, infrastructural and residential buildings. MOPA has a steel frame formwork system composed of rectangular hollow profiles bolted at both ends providing as-sembly on jobsite according to the project needs. MOPA external frame edge profiles are designed with the same shape and strength of the VINCI 80 profiles, so they can be easily combined with Vinci80 panel locks. The steel frame profiles are designed to connect at any point with the adjacent panels. MOPA panels are sized varying in width and height, enabling combination of different modular panels to form various wall sizes. One of the main advantages of MOPA is that vertical steel walers are used in any necessary distance against the panel joist beams so that special double face panel connections can be made easily at the T and L corners as the tierod holes are not in a fixed position. The admissible load bearing capacity according to DIN EN 18202 Tab. 3, Line 7 for fresh concrete pressure is of 80 kN/m². The high load bearing capacity of MOPA panel formwork ensures faster concreting times. It is practically possible to concrete up to a 4.5 m/h rate of placing according to DIN EN 18218 (no retarder, t ≥ 5 °)