The frame type scaffold SCAFFAST 75/100 by TMS complies with BS EN 12810, as well as BS EN 12811. The standard model SCAFFAST 75/100 scaffold can be used as a work scaffold within the load category 3 per BS EN 12811 (200 kg/m2). The erection height for the standard model is 24.5 m. For scaffolds higher than 24.5 m a static calculation could be supplied, if necessary. Mobile scaffold and platforms could also be erected.

The most important product feature for SCAFFAST 75/100 scaffolding is the innovative design details providing the highest possible safe erection conditions for users. SCAFFAST 75/100 ensures ledger frames, toe – guards and platforms to be placed from the lower platform level by means of special tools. So that, a safely workable platform complete with side protection prior to begin working on the upper level has been provided, without any special erection instruments and the possible risk of failing in safety harness applications has been considerably reduced.

Having four different bay lengths, ranging from 1.25 to 2.5 m, the SCAFFAST 75/100 scaffold system is very flexible. The scaffold width from axis to axis is 0.75 m and 1.00 m respectively for SCAFFAST 75 and SCAFFAST 100. By the use of scaffold brackets, the scaffold width can be increased and adjusted to meet different requirements for specific applications. All steel components are hot‐dip galvanized and/or powder coated while all timber items are weather treated, ensuring a long life together with high safety standards. Many components and accessories are common with SCAFFAST 75/100 and other TMS scaffolds.