VINC’I 70 is a Column Formwork composed of high strength steel frame panels having state of the art production quality and highly versatile accessories providing ease of applicability and significantly reduced labor. The main element heights are 300 cm, 270 cm, 180 cm, 150 and 120 cm. The panel widths are 75, 90 and 105 cm where the panels have integrated anchor holes with 5 cm intervals to be connected with VINC’I 70 Column lock. All panels have 12 cm depth. The panels consists of torsionally stiff, high strength flat profile frames with lateral closed profiles which are adding on the general stiffness of the panels. The panel facing material is either a modern and long lasting 20 mm thick, polypropylene plates strengthened with Aluminum sheets or a long life 18 mm UPM WISA®–Form Birch plywood. The frames are powder coated after grid‐blasting against corrosion. This special coating provides ease of cleaning while avoiding adhesiveness against concrete. The static calculations for formwork structure of VINC’I 70 fulfills all requirements of GSV (Güteschutzverband Betonschalungen) according to DIN 18202 TAB.3 Line 7 All panels have solid steel corner pieces strengthening the panel structure and acting as strong leverage points