TMS Formwork and Scaffolding Systems, Has Added a New One to Its Dam Projects

TMS Formwork and Scaffolding Systems which kept itself adapted constantly since the year it was established and acquired a significant place in the global market, has succeeded this time to take place in a dam project in Afghanistan.

The Faizabad Hydraulic Power Plant (HPP), construction of which is under progress in Badahshan region in northeast of the country, is located on the Kokcha River 8 km east of Faizabad province. In the main trunk of the project, total 3 numbers of units take place, each of which having a power generating capacity of 2,54 MW.

Among TMS’s climbing formwork systems, TR-K 240 single-sided type scaffold has been selected as in accordance with the project. The climbing formwork system designed according to the pressure strength required by the project, can work as compatible with the Simpex wall formwork.


In order to form higher walls, pillars, piers, stair and lift shafts the climbing scaffold TRK 160 or TRK 240 could be safely used together with our formwork systems such as, the VINC’I, SIMPEX, MULTIX, HAND’I etc. Both systems bear wind connection, lower level platforms etc. The TRK 240 climbing scaffold system provides extra solution for retracting the formwork with its chart system and lateral and/or vertical fine adjustment is possible with additional accessories.


It is a climbing scaffold system used in structures requiring single-sided formwork. This system consists of MULTIX main items together with specialized accessories for anchoring, vertical and lateral fine adjustment, inclined climbing etc. TRK 250 D system is mainly used on dam projects or on the walls, where heavy concrete pressure exists.

Since, the angle the external concrete surface makes with the vertical plane exhibits changes at some specific points as the dam rises-up, changes special to the project have been made in the design of the TR-K 240 climbing scaffold.

Within such context, a special cap has been developed in order the fixed 90° angle can become adjustable and the TR-K 240 connection of the vertical steel waler element holding the formwork has been transformed into a hinged type by means of this special cap. By this way, any angle variation to occur along the height can be tolerated.

In addition to the wall formworks, the rounded corners present in the water intake structures have been solved by combining the ½ Cirex® Circular column formworks with the Simpex wall formworks.


CIREX is a steel faced circular column formwork system composed of high strength rectangular tube VINC’I 70 profiles, which could be easily combined with panel locks. The steel frame profiles are designed to be able to connect at any point with the other panel, depending on the height of the column and respective concrete pressure the quantity of the locks could be dialed in. The upper and lower flanges are laser cut plates, providing a state of the art surface finish. Panel facing is steel providing higher durability and longer life. CIREX could be easily combined to VINC’I Wall and Column Systems for concreting piers or similar round ended columns. Various diameters and heights and even custom sizes are available for the system.

Faizabad Hydraulic Power Project, is being financed by Germany under scope of “Decentralized Power Supply Through Renewable Energies Programme BMZ200 765 180” and agreement has been accomplished between the Afghanistan Ministry of Energy and Water and FEKA Construction Company for the construction of the project. And, the project consultancy has been undertaken by the firm Fichtner GmbH & Co. rendering project design and consultancy service in much of the world.

Upon completion of the project planned to be commissioned in December 2020, an economic, safe and a clean energy needed by the Faizabad region would be provided. TMS Formwork and Scaffolding, has added in Afghanistan a further new one to the dam projects it has implemented in Algeria jointly with Mapa-Günal.