TMS Group is in 1915 Çanakkale Bridge

With its experience of 45 years the TMS Group; in addition to taking place in large projects celebre in our country and international arena, the TMS Group is now, in the “1915 ÇANAKKALE BRIDGE” Project.

The TMS GROUP companies keeping always customer satisfaction at forefront, keeps on to be preferred trustfully at home and abroad also by the technical support they provide nearby their high-quality products.

The 1915 ÇANAKKALE Bridge: will become world’s “longest” suspended bridge with its central span of 2023 m. On both sides of the bridge there will be walkways available to be used for maintenance purposes. The bridge platform shall have 44,8m width and 3,5m height. The design lifetime of 1915 Çanakkale Bridge will be 100 years.

TFK Formwork Scaffolding Rental

In the project, TFK-Rental which is the domestic rental face of the TMS Group companies: meets the formwork requirement of the Asian caisson.

The systems rented to be used in the fabrication of the Asian caisson, construction of which is undertaken by TEKYOL PLUS YAPI ENDÜSTİRİSİ A.Ş., are briefly as given below:

  • TMS-SIMPEX: Timber beam and steel walers wall formwork,
  • TMS-ROUNDEX: Adjustable circular wall formwork,
  • TMS-VINC’I 80: Modern and innovative panel formwork,
  • TRK 160 and TRK 240: Climbing Scaffold System.


Tower height of 318 m makes the bridge one of the world’s “highest” bridges.

Two numbers of “Caissons” being as Asia and Europe, shall constitute the undersea base of the said towers.

The pier caissons mounted on a foundation with dimensions of 83mx74m and 1m height, consist of cascade concrete walls with chambers.


In majority part of the caisson fabrication it is being used SIMPEX and VINC’I 80 series wall formwork systems.

SIMPEX Wall Formworks: is an adjustable wall formwork system with wide surface comprised of HT20 Timber Beams at vertical and steel braces at horizontal.

The quality of SIMPEX which is its easy adaptability to different heights and sections has ensured it to occupy a privileged place among the systems used by crane. It is possible to design the system according to high concrete pressures and concrete pouring rates by changing the spacing distances of the vertical Timber Beams and YK steel walers. Its shape, size, tie-rod order and surface can flexibly be adapted according to any requirement.

Possibility to select the plywood to be used on the surface according to the project requirement, provides economy and flexibility to the project.


In the circular section the SIMPEX and ROUNDEX systems work as integrated to each other thus they help the fabrication to speed-up and completed in a reliable way.

TMS ROUNDEX is an adjustable curvilinear wall formwork system.

It is possible to obtain limitless adjustable curvilinear surfaces starting from the small radii. It provides the means to change diameter without changing the form panels. In addition to its property of making it simple the adaptation to different diameters in the same project, the forms possessing the means to become adapted easily to future projects, too, provides great advantages.

Its quality of being adaptable to narrowing curtain walls in the circular section, provides to the project the advantage of using economically and reliably.

BTMS Rebar Couplers

As TMS Group, it is being supplied to the project reinforcement jointing couplers with the BTMS firm.

The BTMS/BMS Couplers are being manufactured with the technical capacity and standards to ensure the steel reinforcement to get assembled by maintaining its tension and pressure strength data.

It has been planned to use in the caissons more than 200 thousand numbers of coupler assembling points.

Taking place in such a giant project accommodating worldwide records, is a pride for the TMS Group.